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Hong Kong: Zhang Ji Xiang Gang Zai Yu Dan Wang 章記香港仔魚蛋王

8 Jun

If you end up bargain hunting in Mongkok till late like me and feel peckish, be sure to check out Zhang Ji Xiang Gang Zai Yu Dan Wang 章記香港仔魚蛋王 for a fuss-free and satisfying late supper. When we first ate there, we only did so because it’s open 24 hours and looked clean enough. But it ended up to be much better than we expected! I don’t think the shop has a name in English per se, but if I were to translate it it would probably be “Zhang Ji Hong Kong Fishball King”. By the way, the signboard actually says its Teochew style but there are also the usual Cantonese style dishes like wanton mee.

Since the place seemed to be famous for its fishballs, we ordered a Fishball & Fishcake Horfun. The fishballs were good and bouncy as expected, but what I liked was the texture of the horfun. It was silky and not thick and floury like the ones we have in Singapore. Yums!

Holy, this was good Wanton Mee. The wantons were quite big and stuffed with prawns and the noodles had a great springy texture too. I didn’t expect to eat such good wanton mee here since I don’t think this shop is particularly famous, but I guess this shows that you don’t really need to jostle with the other gazillion tourists to eat at the famous wanton mee shops in Hong Kong for good wanton mee. I’m sure the locals would agree with me on this one.

This was hands down my favourite out of the 3, also because I’m a sucker for oysters. The Teochew style Oyster & Minced Meat Porridge had a generous serving of fresh oysters. The broth was also so delicious with the minced meat and I think bits of salted fish and pickled onions. Even the non-oyster lovers in our party also felt that it was good.

We also ordered vegetables and drinks like ice milk tea/ice lemon tea – which was good too. It was such a cheap and comforting meal that we came back one more time on our trip after we were sick of all the good and rich food in Hong Kong. And the fact that it’s open 24 hours? That’s just amazing.

Price: $ (~20 HKD for a noodle/porridge)
Location: 150 Sai Yeung Choi Road, Mongkok, Kowloon