teatime at antoinette, singapore

hello you! i’m b, the chief glutton behind chow & the city. currently based in china + singapore but on a mission to eat the world :D

as a food nerd, travel enthusiast and aspiring bon vivant, this website was created to share with you my favourite eating places, cafés, bars and hotels – in singapore, asia and beyond.

i welcome guest contributors and suggestions on where i should eat next!

hit me up at chowandthecity@gmail.com

happy reading and bon appetit!


fave food + drink: seafood, edo style sushi, ceviche, dim sum, avocado, salt & vinegar chips, rocket leaves, cheese (especially blue, feta and goat), truffle fries, croissants, bread, soups, congee, beef pho, rib eye steak, french butter, fresh herbs, pandan cake, lemon tart, ice cream, nama chocolate, honey, artisan cocktails, craft beers, NZ sauvignon blancs, dessert wines, pimm’s cup, iced lemon tea, green tea, lavender earl grey tea, piccolo latte.

fave cuisines: japanese, cantonese, french, modern european, fusion, vietnamese, korean and spanish.

fave cities: new york, london, paris, barcelona, shanghai, tokyo, kyoto, hongkong, bangkok, penang, seoul and my hometown – singapore.



1. I do not profess to be a food expert or a professional food critic, hence please exercise your own judgement when reading my blog. Furthermore, taste is extremely subjective and restaurants could be inconsistent so our experiences may differ greatly. I will not be held liable should any of your own dining experience turns out negative, in contrast to mine.

2. The opinions expressed here are based on my own honest, objective point of view and should not be in any way be misconstrued as being defamatory or malicious. For less than positive comments, I bear no harm and hope they can be seen as constructive criticism.

3. I pay for all the meals featured on this blog, can’t lie for nuts and have high expectations so don’t expect 100% glowing reviews unless they are genuinely worth raving about. I also only review good establishments due to lack of time.

4. All the images and content on this blog (unless otherwise specified) belong to me. Please do not use them without crediting me (a mention and a link back will do). Drop me an email if you need clarification. Thanks!

One Response to “ABOUT ME”

  1. Rachel Ho May 12, 2013 at 10:10 pm #

    Hi, i’m organizing a coffee workshop and not sure if it is something you would like to put up on your blog? Let me know if your open to this. Cheers!

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