Singapore: Roadhouse

27 Jun

If you’re running out of brunch places to go to in Singapore, Roadhouse in Dempsey is a relatively new entrant that makes it to my good books. It’s an American diner concept and has a pretty large menu available during weekend brunch – from burgers (it’s specialty), the usual eggs and pancakes, to even tacos and quesadillas. We were initially drawn to it after hearing about its famed Terminator Challenge (finish a 6 Wagyu patty burger in 20 minutes and get it free + your name on their wall of fame), but it turned out that most of its non-burger dishes were pretty good too.

If you’re curious, Roadhouse is actually under The Prive Group, which also owns Prive (duh), Hacienda, Royal Room/Mink and the even newer FoodBar DaDa. And like its sister F&B and lifestyle outlets, Roadhouse was immensely popular. There wasn’t an empty seat in the house for Sunday brunch, so make reservations for big groups early (only allowed for parties of more than 6). Its low key vibe attracts quite a lot of families too.

For my appetiser, the crusty blue swimmer crab cake with sweet corn kernels, savoury milk glaze & wild rocket salad ($15) was small, but super good. I was half expected the crab meat to be fishy but it wasn’t and the sweet-ish corn and milk sauce was quite delightful.

Calamari seems to be one of the top dishes that Singaporeans like to order as long as it’s own the menu. Their crispy calamari with smoked tabasco mayonnaise ($16) came in humongous and very tender pieces, with a moreish smoky sauce to boot. Grade A for a calamari dish.

A friend told me that their eggs benedict with lightly poached eggs, honey baked ham, streaky bacon, English muffins and gratinated hollandaise sauce ($16) here was good, and she was quite right! This was one of the better renditions I’ve had. Everything from the flowy yolks, delicious Hollandaise and moist muffins passes my good eggs benny test here. Of course, a generous serving of my favourite arugula doesn’t hurt too :)

I didn’t try this since I already had the crab cake, but my friend said his blue swimmer crab and chedder cheese omelette served with hash browns ($18) was really good too. Should have shamelessly gotten a bite or two! Darn.

Roadhouse is known for its Josper grill, which is suppose to produce intense heat, superb charring qualities, and guarantee grilled perfection as well as maximum flavour and moisture retention (according to Roadhouse’s website). Their ongoing special was a portobello mushroom burger with a 170g Josper-grilled wagyu patty, homemade bun, served with fries and coleslaw ($23). The patty here was slightly charred, and had its juices sealed in as purported. And how huge is that mushroom?! Overall, it was delish and a good sized burger for me, though probably not big enough for famished males. While I would have to say that best burger for me still goes to Luke’s at Gemmill Lane, this is definitely still somewhere at the top (#2 for now).

My non beef eating friend ordered the grilled fish taco with mango salsa, diced avocado, red radish & iceberg lettuce ($13). This was really light and refreshing – plus I can never resist anything with avocado! I’m definitely no taco expert so I can’t comment too much, but now you know where you can go if you’re craving for tacos/quesadillas in Singers! They have 6 types on the menu.

The fluffy pancakes with maple caramelised banana, strawberrries, pecan nuts and whipping cream ($14) was on the other hand, not so spectacular. I felt that there weren’t enough toppings considering the pancakes were really thick, and I much prefer the ones at Food For Thought. Well, no matter as there’s lots of other options! Sidenote: Anyway I’m beginning to think that most brunch places often serve disappointing pancakes…I think the best I had here was Rider’s Cafe while they still had it in the menu yonks ago.

We chatted till almost 4pm and the staff were quite nice and refilled our pots of TWG tea with hot water. This was my favourite French Earl Grey ($4.80). Surprisingly the tea and coffee prices here are very reasonable, though my friend did spend $13 on two small glasses of orange juice and milkshakes go for $12.

I thought this place reminded me of Boxing Cat Brewery in Shanghai and Hummerstons in Robertson Quay, but I thought Roadhouse’s food was better. The food’s definitely good enough for a return brunch trip for me or if you’re looking for a good burger and you don’t need a massive one, give Roadhouse a try. Lest you get lost in the maze of Dempsey buildings, just remember that it’s opposite Hacienda.

Price: $$
Location: 13 Dempsey Road, S(249674)
Tel: +65 6476 2922
Opening Hours: Mon to Fri: 11.30am-3.30pm, 6.30-11.00pm. Sat & Sun Brunch: 9.00am-4.00pm, 6.30-11.00pm. Last order 30 min before closing.

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