Singapore: Loysel’s Toy

27 Jun

Loysel’s Toy in Ture building is definitely no secret to the coffee/cafe-crazy crowd but it remains one of my favourite cafes in Singers. Simply because I associate it with fun ukulele lessons (used to hang out at the cafe before/after) and it’s spacious, and near my house (eastside). And more importantly, the coffee’s good too!

Spot me in my Ikea coloured outfit ;)

Some may say it’s ulu location is a bane, but I rather like it as if it’s any more accessible, it’d be thronging with the masses. Plus you get larger than life jungle-y trees opposite and the breeze from the Kallang basin (I can testify, it was just about the hottest day in Singers when I was back and we actually sat outdoors because it was so cooling!).

As it’s a sister outlet of Papa Palheta, you can be guaranteed good coffee to boot. The hubs remarked that his double shot espresso was rather cheap at an additional 50c per shot.

If I’m not feeling like coffee I usually have the zesty iced lemon lime green tea, made from real brewed green tea. It was so luxurious to sip a cold drink in a breezy outdoor spot on the hottest day ever!

What I also love is that they carry Popaganda, a local brand of iced pops made using only real fruit, natural ingredients, agave nectar and no water. Since it was so hot I couldn’t resist getting a passionfruit pop. The flavour was so concentrated and brimming with natural goodness that I’d rather eat fruit pops than the real fruit itself and skip the peeling :P I’ve had the avocado cocoa nibs and lychee beet pops at Stranglets in Tiong Bahru before, and those was delish too. Guess they are a little pricey for the size (at ~$4-5) but so are fresh fruit juices and imported ice creams.

If you’re wondering about the chow, I’ve only had the croissants there which were actually delightfully light and butter (ask the staff to reheat for you), but I’ve heard that the lemon tart is good too.

PS. Since you’ve already made to trek to Ture, you might as well pop up to level 5 of the building post coffee to check out Ukulele Movement (my old ukulele school) just to poke around and look at the cherry ukuleles on display. The watermelon one in the middle is my precious! :) Who knows, you might be inspired to join the movement too. I took private lessons from Alan, and he’s a fab chap!

Price: $
Location: 66 Kampong Bugis, #01-02, S(338987). 10 min walk from Lavender MRT.
Tel: +65 62922306
Opening Hours: Tues to Fri 9am-6pm, Sat & Sun 9am-730pm

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