Singapore: Tiong Bahru Bakery by Gotrand Cherrier

13 Jun

We headed down to Tiong Bahru Bakery by Gotrand Cherrier, the ‘it’ bakery of the moment a few Sundays back. Opened by the ever savvy Spa Esprit Group in collaboration with celebrated French baker Gotrand Cherrier in the increasingly gentrified and hipster Tiong Bahru, you know this will definitely be a concept that bread crazy Singaporeans will flock to. I read that they deliberately wanted to keep the decor of the bakery not too trendy/more subtle so as to not stick out the Tiong Bahru neighbourhood (hence the throwback to Chinese characters in the logo), but seriously how even more hipster is that? *Respect*

As expected, it was running on full house when we got there at 4pm. Very haps, noisy and “see and be seen” for now. If you hate crowds, come after the hype dies down maybe a few months later. Thankfully a table cleared up soon and there was still quite a spread left for sale. Apparently they replenish the baked goods quite fast as the turnover is very high.

Much was talked about their croissant ($2.50). Would it measure up to my current favourite, Maison Kayser? I’m happy to say that it was also very good despite being of a different style. Though still crispy on the outside, it was quite chewy and bread-y compared to Maison Kayser’s delicate flaky version (what we’re more familiar with). They also served butter and jam in saucers, which we lapped up. It was so good that we had seconds.

The pineapple, mango and passionfruit tart ($7) was also love at first bite. The trio of fresh and juicy yellow fruit had a sour party in my mouth, and was so very addictive! The layer of almond slivers on the top gave it a crunchy texture.

We also tried a bacon and cheese bun but that wasn’t so good. Should have gotten their signature savoury buns instead but I had dinner soon :( They come in flavours like rocket, squid ink, guacamole and red miso rye, I WANT!!

Coffee here is by 40 Hands, so it’s definitely of a certain quality. Good coffee with good bread! Now isn’t that a winning formula. This was the mocha ($6.80).

They also serve Gryphon Tea if you’re off caffeine, and this was my iced lemon ginger mint ($4.2), so refreshing on a hot day.

While there were definitely some hits, it’s probably a little overhyped so manage your expectations and you should be pleasantly surprised. But I’ll definitely still be back to try more items! And being the sucker that I am I also bought their recyclable bag ($10) that said “Paris of the Yeast” – because like how witty is that?? Also check out their pretty rotating door :)

I have always admired and Cynthia Phua’s business sense and eye for design, and her growing F&B empire (under the umbrella called Food Collective by Spa Esprit Group) just continues to impress.

Price: $
Location: #01-70, 56 Eng Hoon Street, S (160056). Next to Orange Thimble.
Tel: +65 6220 3430
Opening Hours: 8am~8pm. Closed on Tues.

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