Singapore: Menya Musashi

11 Jun

Living in China means that I don’t have access to good ramen, compared to Singapore where many authentic ramen restaurants have mushroomed in the past few years. I have tried most of them, and my favourites include Ippudo, Ramen Champion, Baikohken, Marutama and Tampopo (at least its early days in Liang Court basement). So when I heard that Menya Musashi, a highly rated ramen chain in Japan had just newly opened in Singapore, I knew I had to try it on my trip home. The word ‘Musashi’ in its name actually refers to the legendary samurai Musashi, which also explains its samurai themed logo and decor.

If you go around dinner peak hour (around 7pm), be prepared to queue for at least half an hour. Come really early or late to skip queuing. I was lucky because my friend came early and started queuing for us, but my expectations probably would have been really high if I had to queue for too long. We were given picture menus while queuing and they took our order before we got seated. The interior of the place is quite no frills, foldable plastic chairs included – clearly the focus here is the food.

When you order, specify which of the three flavours (white, black, red), type of meat, and whether you want soup or tsukemen (dry noodles with a thicker dipping sauce). We were total noobs and thought that the black version only came in tsukemen so we got our order wrong. This was the original white soup with charshu (cut from rolled pork loin) ($12.90). The broth is made of pork, chicken and bonito. I thought it was quite balanced and it was not too porky (too much pork) or too salty (too much bonito). Though the charshu was very well braised and melt in your mouth soft, it was a little too fatty for my liking.

This was the black soup with kakuni (pork belly) ($14.90), and it is literally black because of the addition of garlic oil. Very aromatic and it had a nice fried garlic flavour without being too pungent. The meat was leaner but still tender, the way I like it. Quite memorable.

I’m not a fan of the curly yellow Hokkaido style noodles used but thankfully they were not too thick. The halved tamago included in the ramen was also up to standard. As you can see from the pictures, there’s a layer of collagen and fat on top of the rich broths so it’s definitely not for the faint hearted. My friend and I couldn’t finish at least a third of our noodles because of the richness of the broth. And apparently you can even request for double or triple noodle portions! Personally while I thought it was not bad and worth a try, I wouldn’t really come back because the broth is too rich for me and I prefer the skinny noodles in Hakata ramen :) You can read about my favourite ramen place in Singapore here.

Price: $-$$
Location: #01-16, Raffles City Shopping Centre, 252 North Bridge Road, S (179103)
Tel: +65 63356500
Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am to 10pm

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