Singapore: Les Bouchons

6 Jun

Let me tell you about my favourite steak place in Singapore. I like my steak done French style, so accompanied with frites (fries) that have been preferably twice fried in duck fat. In my humble opinion, Les Bouchons on Ann Siang Road serves some of the best steaks in Singapore at reasonable prices, unlike many other popular steak houses in Singapore that cost an arm and a leg. I first dined here a few years ago, and so far it still ranks as my favourite place to satisfy a steak craving.

The setting is quite intimate as it’s a very small venue (not more than 30), and mostly packed with expats/French-speaking expats. The menu here is very short, since steak is the order of the day anyway. Wine prices here are really reasonable so a bottle of red to share (no pictures) is mandatory. I usually get a Bordeaux, or if we want something easy drinking, a Beaujolais Noveau. For non beef eaters who are there accompanying their friends, Les Bouchons has options like lamb, salmon and sausages so no fear there.

Reminiscent of some casual bistros in Paris, a basket of warm bread rolls with packets of butter are placed on our table upon our arrival. I know people can’t help eating the bread as it tastes better than it looks but I usually control since I don’t have the biggest stomach space.

With each main ordered, we each get a garden salad with chopped walnuts and the most tangy citrus vinaigrette dressing that really gets your appetite going.

I always order the Burgundy escargots with garlic butter because I can never pass up ordering escargots. Unlike other restaurants, these don’t come served in shells or the classic escargot dish so it’s not the most appetising in terms of looks. The sauce for the escargots is quite heavy on parsley, and I thought could do with more garlic and salt. So this may not be for everyone but I do like the very herbaceous taste and tender, unrubbery texture of the escargots.

My go to main, is always the grilled rib eye steak with “Vigneron” butter, served with free flow of homemade French fries. The rib eye here is superb – it’s marbled but not too fatty, has a slightly charred flavour, and always served in my requested medium rare the way it should be. The savoury garlic herb butter on the top always melts into the piping hot steak and further enhances the buttery flavours the rib eye. And don’t you forget about the fries…the fries here, are something special. It’s crispy but moist and fluffy on the inside, and from the looks of it probably twice fried.

I always look forward to the accompanying sauce plate consisting of horseradish, wholegrain mustard, Dijon mustard, mayonnaise and Bearnaise sauce to dunk my fries into. I love mustard and mayonnaise so this totally agrees with me.

Les Bouchons is a small place, so make reservations early. They have another branch at Robertson Quay called Les Bouchons Rive Gauche but I prefer the Ann Siang branch. There is another popular French steak place not too far away from Les Bouchons (that shall not be named) and I’ve tried it too but I think it can’t compare in terms of the quality and flavour of the meat. Good sauce and nice place though. Even friends that I’ve recommended Les Bouchons who have tried the other place agree with me.

Price: $$-$$$
Location: 7 Ann Siang Road, S (069689)
Tel: +65 6423 0737

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