Singapore: Martini Bar at Mezza 9

24 May

One too many drinks with various groups of friends have been had at Martini Bar @ Mezza 9 ;) Years ago, one of my friends raved about its signature bar snack of black pepper cashew nuts, but I only got round to checking out the place last year. And since then, it has become my go to bar for meet ups with friends during pre-dinner/happy hour drinks in town.

As it’s a martini bar, there is an amazing variety of martinis (more than 30), including many fruit and dessert-y flavours and they all sound so incredibly delish. The best thing is that they have a happy hour promotion called Mezzatime from 6-9pm, Monday to Saturday where the martinis go for 50% off! It’s really value for money, considering the quality you get.

I must have sampled at least 15-20 flavours over my multiple trips here. I’m more partial to fruit based and vodka based martinis and my favourites, including some of the more exotic flavours are the rockmelon, ice wine (made with real ice wine!), grape, midori green, grapefruit, dragonfruit, citrus, coconut and sugarcane. Of course you can also stick to the usual lychee and apple but here I prefer to be adventurous here since there are so many more exciting sounding options and the quality is generally there. I think it’s great that they have incorporated so many tropical fruit/exotic fruit flavours (like coconut and dragonfruit) in their martinis. Some of the more premium flavours (like ice wine) are slightly more expensive.

Though the martinis go at 50% off during happy hour, they certainly don’t stinge on the quality and still taste similar to during non-happy hours. They are made with plenty of fresh juices, fresh fruit and copious amounts of alcohol. There’s none of that syrupy crap often found in bad cocktails that leaves an aftertaste – not at least for the flavours that I’ve listed above!

If you come on a Friday, chances are the bar would be packed to the brim with people (a lot of expats and tourists come here too) so you might have to stand, wait very long for someone to take your order and deliver your drinks. Also do check your bill as I have been billed wrongly before as the bar is really busy. On other days, I usually have no problem getting a table especially if you come early. But you know, everything seems funny and bearable after a few delicious martinis! :) *hic*

And let’s not forget about the nuts – they are really as good as my friend said they were! The wait staff here are quite generous in topping up our bowls too :)

Martini Bar offers consistently decent quality cocktails at reasonably prices, and is a great place in town for groups of friends who just want to have a good time together over drinks (it’s totally not a stylish decor and see and be seen kind of place). Sometimes I wonder why do I bother with the repetitive and posey bespoke cocktail bar scene…

Price: $-$$
Location: Inside Mezza 9, Grand Hyatt Hotel, 10 Scotts Road, S (228211)
Tel: +65 6732 1234

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