Singapore: The Coffee Daily

23 May

I have been wanting to check out Coffee Daily at Brighton Crescent for a while and finally made it down for an impromptu meet up with friends who all stay in the area :) It’s situated along the row of shophouses where the Awfully Chocolate near Chomp Chomp used to be (they took over the unit). As it’s in a residential estate and a less see and be seen location, it was relatively empty when I was there on a Saturday afternoon. All the better I say, as you don’t feel like you have to rush through your cuppa. By the way, I stupidly hiked from Chomp Chomp (maybe a 10mins walk) and almost died melting under the blistering heat so please do not do the same if you can help it.

Owned by a husband and wife team who used to be in the advertising industry, they now run the show at Coffee Daily themselves. I do love the look of the place – lots of natural lighting, white walls and bare concrete floors, vintage and mismatched furniture, reupholstered sofa stools, random old knick knacks, that sort of thing. According to the reviewers on HGW it’s supposedly to look like an 80s flat.

I like the floral print of this plate a lot! It was the tray on our table that held the sugar packets.

It was a really hot day and they don’t serve their teas iced so I got an iced caramel latte. It came in a pretty big glass and was quite smooth, aromatic and very milky. It was a little sweet because of the added syrup shot, but I am a sucker for caramel ;) I probably should have gotten something more purist to taste the flavour of the coffee but my friends who had the more unadulterated coffees approved too.

One of my friends got a blueberry smoothie, and though not bad actually – it reminded me of the bubblegum flavour!

For dessert, we unanimously loved the milo cheesetart that was available that day. I thought it was pretty genius idea and the crust was very good. A homely milo flavour complemented the cheese very well, and overall it wasn’t too sweet, just the way I like my desserts. They don’t have a big selection of desserts since it’s a place focusing on coffee, but at least what they have is done well!

Some of my friends were hungry and they ordered whatever food that was available – namely croissants and (the last) lasagne, which seemed pretty decent too from their feedback. The croissant was quite crispy which is something admirable because of the gross humidity in Singapore.

Overall, Coffee Daily has a lovely chill vibe conducing for lazing away an afternoon and the fare is pretty good too. It really feels like your friendly neighbourhood coffee place where you can actually have a meaningful conversation with your barista. Would definitely go back. So glad there’s a independent establishment (not chain) like this in the increasingly commercialised Gardens area, which is totally losing its original “indie” character because of its ridiculous high rental prices the landlords are charging (read on some ST article previously). Please support independent small businesses like Coffee Daily! :)

Note: It’s currently undergoing reno so please give a call or check FB for its opening dates/hours.

Price: $
Location: 35 Brighton Crescent
Tel: +65 6284 8894

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