Singapore: Flor Patisserie

16 May

Met my home girl M at the Japanese patisserie, Flor Patisserie by Chef Yamashita at Duxton Hill for tea one Saturday. I should have known that they’d probably run out of like almost everything by 4pm (check out the empty fridge), but thankfully there were still a few items that we managed to snag.

We tried the green tea and yuzu ice cheese tart ($3.40), strawberry souffle ($6.60) and banana chocolate ($6.60), from top left, clockwise. The cheese tart had a tint of saltiness and a fragrant crumbly almond base. The addition of zesty yuzu to the green tea give it a little kick, although I would have just preferred unadulterated green tea (many other flavours to try!). The strawberry souffle was like a very light cheesecake with generous strawberry toppings, and is a good alternative to their strawberry shortcake if that’s sold out. The banana chocolate was a perfect balance in both flavours, and the mousse was just the right texture, light but not too airy that it made you feel like you weren’t eating anything.

On a previous occasion, I bought their signature strawberry shortcake “Berry Berries” ($5.50 per slice, $33 for 6 pax) for a friend’s birthday. Though I’m no connoisseur of strawberry shortcakes as I try to avoid vanilla cream, it really was one of the best cakes I’ve had in a while. Made of a soft vanilla sponge, airy vanilla cream, layer of fresh strawberries, and a generous berry topping; it was light, not too sweet and just the kind of whole cake you could eat with a spoon and send you back to your happy childhood.

credit: image from Flor website

Another of their signature items, the Wakakusayama ($6.80 per piece) is a honey-infused green tea roll with red bean vanilla cream and a Kyoto-Uji matcha cream topping. It was also very good, I loved the novel touch of honey in the green tea sponge, and the ratio of sponge to cream was just nice (I personally hate rolls with too much cream and too little sponge).

credit: image from Flor website

In terms of quality of the food, this is easily my favourite Japanese dessert place in Singapore. Everything I’ve tried so far is delish and I think prices are still very reasonable especially given the quality ingredients. Though it’s not really a place to comfortably linger, I think their cakes tastes best fresh consumed at the shop as they don’t seem to hold well the moment you get into the heat. There are still so many more flavours I haven’t try so return trips are a must – who’s with me? :)

Price: $
Location: Duxton Hill, #01-01, S(089588). Another branch (take away only) at Takashimaya Basement.
Tel: +65 6223 8628 

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