Singapore: Luke’s Oyster Bar & Chop House

7 May

I remember my lunch at Luke’s Oyster Bar & Chop House on Gemmill Lane – it was a glorious, extravagant and sinful one. Though Luke’s has been open for a while, I never made it there as prices are on the high side especially during dinner (i.e. $69 for a tenderloin, $90 for the lobster pot pie and that’s just the main course…I know right?). Definitely a very special occasion place. But I’ve been reading about how good the Travis burger was (only available during lunch), and I loved the old Spruce under Travis Masiero – so lunch it was!

We sat at the bar since I made reservations late and those were the only seats left. Yes, this place is packed even during a weekday lunch. Anyway, it was a bit strange but I was the only female in the whole restaurant and my friend was one of the only two non-Caucasian customers. And probably 80% of the men came in suits. If there was a classy gentlemen’s club type of restaurant in Singapore, I guess this would be it. Decor is somewhat modern Parisian Brasserie.

I somewhat have a fascination with the drink Arnold Palmer ($9) so I had to get the one here. I mean, it is a half and half combination of my two favourite drinks (iced tea and lemonade) and how cute is the name? Pity this one was a bit too sour for me. More sugar please!

We were served complimentary bread in the form of corn muffins with butter and a sprinkle of paprika. Not just any plain bread or sourdough mind you, but home baked corn muffins fresh from the oven!

The sweet muffin was so fluffy and crumbly, and came studded with real corn. I only wish there were more! So delish with a pat of silky salted butter (loved the little wooden stick that came with it).

I jumped at the chance to order the fried oyster po’boys with coleslaw & pickles ($18), since it’s not something you see often in menus here and a trip to New Orleans doesn’t seem too near in the horizon. The ones at Luke’s came in the form of three mini burgers of a breaded oyster each, which were so easy to pop in your mouth. The oysters were fresh and not the least bit oily, but I wished there were more pickles/slaw for just a bit more flavour.

I was super looking forward to the tuna tartare with avocado & pressed bread ($24) since I loooove the one at Spruce and basically everything with tuna tartare or avocado! This tasted just as good, if not better, with I think the addition of a little wasabi for kicks, and the bread we had was so uber crispy. LOVELY :)

This was what we came here for, the original “Travis” burger, custom blend, aged cheddar & homemade bun with added kurobuta bacon ($29). Omg, this was hands down like the best burger I had so far. Our medium rare patty was made of really good beef and was so juicy! You MUST MUST get the burger with option of extra bacon, it was so crispy and flavourful and makes the burger complete. IMO, this was even better than the DB Bistro burger with short ribs. I also loved the accompanying shoestring fries with paprika and the spicy coleslaw, which were both so addictive. The staff actually split everything on two plates for us as they knew we were sharing, very thoughtful of them.

Though I was mad full, we had to order dessert. The blueberry crisscross pie with peach & yogurt sorbet ($16) sounded absolutely lovely on paper, and was even better IRL. Served piping hot with a luscious blueberry filling and a delicious crust, it tasted so homemade, like straight out of a (New England) grandmother’s oven! I thought the pairing of the slightly tart peach yoghurt sorbet was a genius choice as well.

Thinking back, it was really a delicious meal and tonight I will dream of the tartare, burger and blueberry pie. Definitely need to go back again to try the steak since it is a chophouse after all and the clam chowder…and maybe even for dinner for that special occasion :D Totally loving the refined American cuisine concept and New England-influenced menu. Now, if only it wasn’t so pricey!

Price: $$$-$$$$
Location: 20 Gemmill Lane, Singapore 069256
Tel: +65 6221 4468

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