Singapore: Blu Kouzina

2 May

I was a little obsessed with Blu Kouzina as I heard it serves authentic Greek cuisine in the very heart of Singapore. Though I’ve never been to Greece before, I was keen on getting my first taste of real Greek food. The owners are a Greek family that also runs an olive oil business, so it definitely sounds like we were in for a good meal.

*Pardon my grainy pictures as they were taken on iPhone – I forgot to bring my camera back for this trip home.

The restaurant spans across four stories in a shop house along Bukit Timah Road, and has a – what else – white and blue colour scheme, down to its turquoise table mats and whitewashed furniture :) The owners really did put in the effort to decorate the place with seashells and other trinkets to create that beach vacation vibe. If they played ABBA I could have imagined myself on the set of Mamma Mia the musical.

As expected, the owners’ signature extra virgin olive oil was supplied on every table, which we promptly mopped up with the house bread (not complimentary but refillable). The liquid gold was very fragrant, fruity and sweet.

The house bread the other hand was a bit too dense for my liking. Greek-style bread maybe?

We couldn’t resist getting some dips to start so this was the Tzatziki (Yogurt mixed with cucumber, extra virgin olive oil and garlic) and Taramosalata (Cod Roe Dip). The taramosalata was a winner for me, with its smoky, savoury, fresh from the sea taste.

The pita bread for the dips had to be ordered separately. We wished that it came in a larger portion, or served together with the dips so we didn’t have to keep ordering.

On to the mains, the Grilled Squid (with lemon and extra virgin olive oil) had just the perfect texture and seasoning. The squid was crunchy and chewy without being too rubbery.

Moussaka (oven baked eggplant with potatoes, mincemeat and bechamel sauce on top) is probably one of the more well known Greek dishes, and Blu’s version was rich but pretty delicious and came with a golden brown top.

The Bifteki stin Sxara (2 Beef patties grilled and served with lemon, onion, and tomato) was very moreish, especially the flavourful, juicy meat patties but was let down by the potatoes which were way too salty. Not sure what happened there.

We didn’t manage to get dessert as we had to rush off for a movie. I did enjoy my introduction into Greek cuisine and all the dishes we had were pretty good (save the salty potatoes). They were other items on the large menu that we would have loved to try, like the grilled feta, dolmades, grilled fish or jumbo prawns. The wine list was also quite affordable.

However, service was uneven; there were effervescent Filipino wait staff that greeted us cheerily as we walked in and out, but some of the wait staff felt quite aloof and pushy. I would have also preferred if they served some pita bread with the dips – you would think with the price you’re paying (~$18 per dip), it would be nice of them to just throw in a few pieces of bread. Book early especially on weekends, they do two seatings.

Price: $$-$$$
Location: 893 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 589615
Tel: +65 6875 0872

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