Singapore: Papa Palheta

26 Mar

After a nice leisurely lunch at Skyve, we strolled over to Papa Palheta, an independent coffee roaster and boutique, that is also a walk in cafe which doesn’t charge its customers. Yes, you got that right, the drinks go by a tipping only basis and the tip jar is oddly, rather inconspicuous (but we did ask for it and tipped). Papa Palheta is one of the older coffee places that opened in Singapore before the whole coffee fad/trend started. It actually spawned a more popular sister outlet Loysel’s Toy in Ture, Kallang Bahru, which I have been to multiple times, but its original and more charming Bukit Timah location has eluded me until only recently.

Quirky and mismatched outdoor seating area

Coffee bar counter with hidden barista

Vintage knick knacks

Flat white and cafe latte – The coffee was good. Rich, not bitter or acrid. Just nice.

It’s a small intimate place and packed with arty/wealthy scion types, even on a weekday afternoon. There were also few people who came in just to pick up their in house roasted coffee beans. We lounged there for a bit on their vintage chairs and it has a nice, sleepy atmosphere, conducive for you to savour your cup of gourmet coffee.

Price: $ (On a tipping basis)
Location: 140 Bukit Timah Road (Look out for a black “Baker” sign on a white shophouse along the main rd, walk into the side street. 5 min walk from Skyve.)
Tel: +65 9799 0420

2 Responses to “Singapore: Papa Palheta”


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