Singapore: Diandin Leluk

26 Mar

When I need my Thai food fix in Singapore, I usually turn to First Thai at Purvis Street and Nakhon Kitchen at Hougang and Bedok North for reliable options. Recently I decided to venture into Diandin Leluk at the slightly seedy Golden Mile Complex (also known as “Little Thailand” as it’s land of all things Thai – food, discos and supermarket included) for my virgin as-authentic-as-you-can-get Thai food experience. The six of us went a bit excessive and ordered twelve dishes. Photos of the feast ahead!

Iced Thai Milk Tea

Green Mango Salad

Pandan chicken

Green chicken curry

Minced pork with basil

Oyster omelet on hotplate

Steamed seabass with chilli and lemon

Prawn Cake

Tom Yam Seafood Soup (Clear)

Pineapple rice

Mango sticky rice

Also not pictured were the papaya salad and crab meat ngoh hiang. Everything we had was VERY GOOD and my personal faves include the pandan chicken, minced pork with basil, fish in chilli and lemon, tom yam soup and mango sticky rice. The tom yam soup was spicy but not as spicy as Nakhon’s (which tends to make me sick after as I have a pretty weak stomach). I also loved the more-ish broth that the fish was cooked in, the spicy and tangy flavours masked the “muddy” taste of the fish which was just nicely done. Oh, and the mango used for the dessert was very sweet too! The bad? The pineapple rice was $5/head, which I felt was a bit exorbitant, especially when it was a small portion and when compared to the prices of the other dishes. But on the whole the meal was still really good value, good quality, and I loved the authenticity and retro vibe of the place. A must go for Thai food in Singapore!

Price: $ (We paid abt $30 per pax for a ridiculous amount of food)
Location: 5001 Beach Road, #01-67, Golden Mile Complex
Tel: +65 6293 5101

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