Singapore: Farmers’ Market at Loewen Gardens

16 Mar

I was lucky enough that my stay in Singapore coincided with one of the Farmers’ Market sessions at Loewen Gardens. Yes if you’re wondering, Singapore actually has a “farmers’ market” but naturally it’s doesn’t have much fresh produce, instead there’re mostly baked goods, gourmet products, beer and wine etc. It’s held on the first and third Saturday of every month, you can check here for the upcoming dates. I had to drag my friend there before our lunch because I’ve been wanting to go for ages.

It’s definitely no Borough Market. There weren’t many people nor stalls and we managed to browse through the whole thing in maybe 5 minutes? Sadly, I didn’t see the paella stall or Popaganda popsicles that I’ve seen on many older blogposts on the market. The ulu location (in Dempsey but a more secluded corner) doesn’t help the human traffic either, you definitely need a car to get here. There were quite a lot of people eating at adjacent The Pantry cafe though, heard the food’s pretty good but we had dim sum reservations after so we couldn’t try.

Despite the mini scale of the market, of course I still found things that I wanted to buy. I walked away with some delicious mushroom and truffle spread and a gorgeous wine bucket with a leather handle, and that was after exercising restraint as I didn’t want to lug too much stuff around for the whole day (had a long day ahead). Support local vendors!

My real reason for coming to the market was to try the new gourmet pie outfit, Windowsill Pies. It’s started by the very talented and young Gwee Brothers who used to run a private dining outfit in their house which I had the opportunity to try once – the whole experience from the menu, execution, service was absolutely amazing! So when I read that they had started a new pie venture, I had to check it out.

There were only 3 pies on sale that day – Morello Cherry Pie, Pecan Pie and Upside Down Pineapple Tart and we got the Pecan Pie ($6.2/slice). It was probably the best pecan pie I’ve had in Singapore! The filling was so delicious and moist and I thought the pecan:filling ratio was just nice. It wasn’t too sweet either. We also sampled the cherry pie which was good too but a bit too tart for me to eat the whole thing. They have other yummy sounding flavours like Pumpkin Pie with Bourbon Whip and Banana Cognac Almond Brittle Pie that I’m just dying to try. If only they weren’t located at the other side of Singapore!

As we were melting in the heat, this particular signboard caught my eye. We chatted with the owner and learnt that Jungle Beer is actually a new local microbrewery that specialises in fusion beers – international styles with tropical flavours. You can find them on tap or their bottles at some local bars and restaurants now, and they also provide kegs for parties!

Pretty intrigued by their delicious brews (they also have one called Kiasu Stout) but I only had tummy space for one!

This was the Flirty Fruit Mango Rose Beer ($5/cup) that I tried, it was soo good! It wasn’t overtly sweet like the Taiwanese Lychee/Melon beers but the fruit flavours were still very pronounced. Yums!

Buildings in the area

What a gorgeous day :)

If you’re interested in the Farmers’ Market, I would suggest for you to go for it to try out what our local vendors have to offer, and then end it with lunch at maybe The Panty or a Dempsey eatery so as to make your trip there worthwhile. The vendors seem to change a bit so do check their individual FB pages to see whether they will be at the next market!

Farmers’ Market at Lowen Gardens
Location: 75 Loewen Road, Singapore 248844
When: 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month, 8.30am to 2pm
Tel: +65 6474 0441

Windowsill Pies
Location: 2 Pandan Valley, #01-206, Singapore 597626
Tel: +65 9004 7827

Jungle Beer
Location: Check their website for where they are stocked

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