Singapore: Lucky 13

16 Mar

I have this weird obsession for more exotic cuisines such as Latin American, Peruvian, Mexican and Swedish but the (good) options we have in Singapore are quite limited. So I was more than happy that a Miami style Cuban and Latin American venue Lucky 13 had just opened in TripleOne Somerset. Apart from being a diner, it also turns into a bar and club on some nights. It’s opened by Michel Lu who was previously from the Prive group, so I was pretty stoked about it.

The logo designed by a famous tattoo artist Andrea Furci

Potrait of some famous guy (I forgot)

Soft leather bound tables – unique and gorgeous!

The bar

We quaffed down the complimentary corn tortilla chips with salsa as we perused the menu. There’s something about their tortilla chips that don’t taste out of a bag. This was so moreish, and the slightly spicy salsa was good.

My cocktail for the night, the Havana Club Caipirissima (white rum, lime, brown sugar). Refreshing. Substitute the cachaça in a Caipirinha with white rum and you get this.

My friend opted for the Negra Modelo (Mexico), a mild dark beer with some notes of caramel.

The corn salsa with herb butter served on a hot plate was quite delish, but after a while it was a bit oily and rich for me (also because it was quite big portion for 2 small eaters). Order to share!

I was particularly attracted to the Cuban “Medianoche” pressed sandwich while reading about Lucky 13 and had to order it. If you’re wondering, “Medianoche” means midnight, which is typically when the sandwich was eaten historically. It was delicious! The sour pickles and mustard in the sandwich provided a good contrast to the salty ham and roast pork, and the toasty bread, crispy fries and aioli sauce (if I’m not wrong) were all really good too. We couldn’t finish this and packed the leftovers, and my hubs who ate it liked it too.

The beef quesadillas also did not disappoint with its tender skirt steak bits and melty cheesy goodness. Served with tortilla chips, guacamole, sour cream and salsa. We had no problem finishing this one.

The food at Lucky 13 is a good respite from the usual duck confit/pork belly/steak in every new bistro in town. I’ve never eaten authentic Cuban/Latin American food before so I can’t compare but I really enjoyed everything I tried. I did see reviews on HGW by expats saying that it’s just like real thing though. There were also other things on the menu that I would love to try, including the Mahi Mahi fish tacos and Cuban Mojo chicken drumlets – everything just sounds so foreign and exciting! Prices are also very reasonable (none of our dishes were more than $20) and the very friendly and enthusiastic manager attended to our every need. When we were there, there was only one other table of expats dining so I think it’s a real pity that this place ain’t getting more business. Based on my experience, I think it’s really underrated. I hope that its low traffic now won’t affect the quality of its food and would love to go back.

Price: $$-$$$
Location: 111 Somerset #01-02, TripleOne Somerset (At the back of the building, not the side with NTUC and Black)

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