Singapore: Drink Culture

14 Mar

The artisan cocktail bar fever has hit Singapore hard. Nektar, Bar Stories, Drink Culture, B28, The Studio, Barkode, Maison Ikkoku’s Cocktail Bar to name a few. While I’ve only managed to try only the first four so far, Drink Culture in Kreta Ayer, Chinatown really stands out in terms of the cocktail quality, creativity and service. Every cocktail we had was good, and Zach my bartender of choice knows how to entertain, wow and pamper us. They also make their own infusions, and don’t stinge on the ingredients, from what I’ve tried. We heard that this was opened by an ex-partner of Bar Stories, though they did leave the attitude behind, so thank goodness for that.

Tables are for bottle service and cocktails are only served at the bar counters. Drink Culture has a very OTT white, sexy theme complete with hot door bitches.

You can let the bartender know if you’re feeling for a particular fruit, flavour (e.g. sweet, sour, fruity, etc.) or liquor and they will customise something for you. Ask for what fresh fruits are available. It’s always a pleasant surprise. I’ll let my pictures do the talking here.

Kyoho Grape Martini

Banana Split (Caramelised banana, vanilla ice cream, banana liquor and shot of Baileys)

Zach burning up some rosemary to release the flavour

Passion Sunset (Passion fruit, citrus, rosemary) – Good use of the herb here

Dawa (Cachaca, honey, lime) – Supposedly award winning!

Honeydew Saketini – One of my favourites, balanced and delicate

Apple Cinammon Martini – Who needs dessert?

Burning up the orange peel studded with cloves, star anise to release the flavours

“The Zhihong” – As on the receipt, named after our friend who ordered it. Don Draper would be proud.

Citrus Paradise Martini

Pear Basil Martini – Love herbs + fruit esp pear!

Flambeing at work

Chocolate Flambe Martini – Delicious!

Tutti Frutti (whiskey with berries) – Interesting pairing for whiskey, me likey!

Watermelon Martini – One of my faves too. Simple and refreshing!

Starfruit Martini – Also good!

Strawberry Baileys Martini

Kiwi & Thyme Martini – Interesting and it worked!

Apple Hazelnut Martini – That’s cinnamon sugar on the rim

Winter Gooseberry (apricot liquor, gooseberries) – To wind down the night with something light

I love Drink Culture!

Complimentary fruits, flamed and drizzled with chocolate sauce and served on ice :)

Complimentary Jenever (juniper flavoured) raspberry shot

Complimentary strawberry white chocolate shot – this was yummy!!

I also love the fact that its low key, unposeurish and not crowded. It’s definitely my favourite bar at the moment.

Price: $$-$$$ (cocktails from $20++)
Location: 51 Kreta Ayer Road, Singapore 089007
Tel: 6557 0538, 8222 8181 (SMS)

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