Hong Kong: Tai Cheong Bakery 泰昌餅家

13 Dec

Look who got a new coat of Tiffany blue-ish paint? Tai Cheong Bakery, my go-to place in Hong Kong for egg tarts recently renovated and I almost couldn’t recognise its super modern facade and interior of its Central branch. Famous for Hong Kong’s last governor Chris Patten proclaiming them the “best egg tarts in the world”, I’ve been hooked on them since first bite though “best in the world” is probably a tall order.

This is a photo from summer with the old interior – Chris Patten’s picture is proudly displayed. While I come strictly for the Egg Tarts, the hubs will always buy the Chicken Pies (displayed next to the egg tarts) and eat one on the spot. The pie uses the same pastry as the egg tart, and has a delicious and juicy chicken filling.

Tai Cheong’s Egg Tart has a rich egg custard flavour that has a silky smooth consistency and I adore the buttery pastry. Best consumed straight from the shop’s oven, but I’ve had them 1-2 days later while desperately trying to preserve the last vestiges of my Hong Kong holiday.

Price: $

Location: 35 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central. Many other outlets but this location is quite convenient for tourists.

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