Hong Kong: Sift Desserts Patisserie

13 Dec

I had this sudden craving for cakes and cupcakes. Since there’s a dearth of good ones in where I live in China, I was looking forward to Sift Desserts Patisserie in Hong Kong. I first encountered Sift while shopping in Horizon Plaza in Ap Lei Chau this summer and stopped by for coffee and a cupcake. Only after that did I realise it’s actually quite popular and has a few branches and even a Sift Desserts Bar on Graham Street which serves plated desserts and wine.

This time we hopped over to the Prince’s Building branch after lunch at Man Wah so it was just next door. It’s mostly takeaway but they have a few tables for those who want to eat on the spot. Traffic was quite high at this branch  – customers bought cupcakes for takeaway non-stop, and things were running out fast.

I like the way Sift does its branding and presentation of their desserts. It’s elegant, simple but not too pretty until you don’t feel like eating them – that’s the feeling I get for many French/French-Japanese desserts – if you know what I mean. It also doesn’t try very hard to be a “French”/ “American” dessert place since its not, which I also like. Plus their selection is pretty awesome – I actually want to eat almost everything!

This was maybe less than half of their pastry selection. Gorgeous!

This was also about half of their cupcake selection. Ahh so confused – one stomach, too many choices!!

Since I was mad full from lunch, I started with something zesty – the Lemon Meringue Tart (30 HKD) made of Italian meringue, lemon cream and pate brisee. The lemon cream was just perfect in flavour and texture, and the meringue melted like a dream. The only thing was since we were eating with plastic fork, it was a bit hard to cut through the rather hard pastry. Loved this.

Next dessert was the Signature chocolate cake (40 HKD), which was made of praline crunch, Valrhona 40% cremeux and chocolate fudge cake.

This was surprisingly good too. The fudge cake was very moist and even though the creameux wasn’t dark chocolate, it wasn’t too sweet and in fact very delicious! With the praline crunch and the cornflake like topping, it was a great chocolate cake.

We got cupcakes for takeaway instead since I couldn’t ingest anything after this. The Banana Foster (25 HKD) was a fresh banana cake with Madgascar bourbon vanilla infused cream cheese frosting, salty caramel filling and drizzle; and the Salted Caramel (25 HKD) was a Valrhona dark chocolate cake with salty caramel filling and drizzle. Sadly the Banana Foster didn’t quite survive the journey back and it was a mess when we ate it, but we still loved the flavours. I liked the cake in the Salted Caramel one (pictured below) but the filling was a bit too sweet after a while.

On the whole, Sift gets a return trip in my book. I’ve also deduced that I’m more of a pastry than a cupcake/macaron person, and henceforth also prefer their pastries. The portions here are quite small so it may be considered pricey for some, but Hong Kong is not really a cheap place to eat anyway. Would love to try its dessert bar next trip!

Price: $-$$
Location: Shop 240-241, Prince’s Building, 10 Chater Road, Central

Website: http://www.siftdesserts.com

One Response to “Hong Kong: Sift Desserts Patisserie”

  1. Hong Kong Nom Nom March 11, 2012 at 10:48 pm #

    I see a blueberry cheesecake, which I tend to go for at various places…thanks for the review, think I’ll try the lemon meringue tart here next time! I’ve been to the Graham St one too, they have some pretty stuff.

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