Shanghai: Boxing Cat Brewery

22 Nov

The night before brunch at Boxing Cat Brewery we had gotten pretty sloshed up at Sugar so a hearty and greasy brunch was just what we needed. Boxing Cat is a rather cosy microbrewery that serves up Southern American food and there are two branches so we went to the one nearer to our hotel at Fuxing Lu which is set in a lovely brick house. I haven’t had Southern food before, so I was quite excited to catch a glimpse of it in Shanghai (authenticity to be verified when I attempt Southern food in stateside next year).

My brunch order came with a complimentary choice of drink juice/coffee/tea and wholemeal toast with butter. The apple juice was out of a carton and seemed diluted (should have gotten tea/coffee instead) but the husband liked the bread so much that I had to stop him from finishing it since there was going to be a lot of food ahead.

We sat in the patio overlooking the wide streets of the French Concession but a pity it was rainy and the skies were grey. I ordered an Arnold Palmer (25 RMB) for much needed hydration. It’s a combination of two of my favourite drinks, lemonade and iced lemon tea. Though zesty and refreshing, it tasted a bit funky to me (can’t quite put my finger on it, but I had a lot of weird tasting lemon teas in Shanghai). I think I could probably make a better one at home.

Next up was a very velvety and flavourful bowl of crab bisque (45 RMB??) that came with a chockful of vegetables, including okra, carrots and celery. I liked it so much I was pretty much full from it before my main came. Oops! Strangely I can’t find this dish on the online menu now so I can’t give you the exact name and price.

The husband finally got to satisfy his burger craving and ordered the BCB’s Burger Masterpiece with grilled mushrooms, sauteed onions, roasted tomatoes, cheddar, guacamole, garlic aioli (80 RMB). It sounds awesome on paper and tasted even better than expected. The patty was juicy and tasty and the combination of sauces and toppings all went very well together. This wasthe day I realised that guacamole in a burger is heaven. Even the thick cut fries on the side were crispy and well seasoned. I would definitely come back for this and no wonder it seems to be BCB’s most popular dish.

I decided to play adventurous and ordered the rosemary biscuits and poached eggs with sausage gravy (75 RMB) under the brunch section. You get two biscuits and two poached eggs which are drenched in a sea of sauce, a heap of roasted potatoes, a roasted tomato and an arugula salad which is seriously enough to feed two! The rosemary flavour of the biscuits was very pronounced and the eggs were well poached. However this dish was simply too much for me (especially the rich sauce) and after one egg and a biscuit, I was done. I should have probably ordered the popular buttermilk pancakes instead.

Close up of the poached eggs and biscuits. I actually sent my plate back to the kitchen as the sausage gravy was cold after we finished our soup (they served all dishes together) and they actually gave me a new biscuit to replace my half eaten one and replated everything, so kudos to them on that.

Though we really wanted to try their self-brewed beer, the American portions at BCB really left no room for negotiation. I would advise you to come with a few friends and share. Food on the whole is quite good and the burger is a definite must try!

Price: $-$$
Location: 82 Fuxing Xi Lu, near Yongfu Lu (another location in Sinan Mansions)

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