Shanghai: La Creperie

18 Nov

Post awesome dinner at Goga, we rolled over to La Creperie (which was literally 50m away) for dessert. It was delicious enough that we went back a second time on our trip to try the savoury items as well. Having just visited Brittany a few months ago, I felt that the place looked and felt quite authentic with tonnes of stacked cider bottles, wait staff clad in the ubiquitous Breton-style striped shirts, sizable number of French diners and a friendly French man at the helm (could be the owner). For the savoury items you get them in galettes (buckwheat crepes) which are thinner and crispier but has a slightly more “wheaty” taste (unless you specify otherwise), while the sweet items are the usual familiar crepes. It was almost full on both nights and quite a relaxing place to just chill over dessert and drinks. The place is really dark though so apologies for the grainy photos.

The area with high bar tables and stools

Cute lighthouse salt and pepper shakers

I had to try the Breton cider (35 RMB) that came in a huge cup (that looked more like a bowl). I got the sweet one but it also comes in dry. Delish! Just want I needed after a huge meal to aid digestion :)

They also served homemade lemonade (35 RMB) which was ok, the husband liked it a lot. But to be honest I would rather get imported and authentic cider from Brittany for the same price :)

La Marin (scallops, parsley, creme, white wine, slice bacon, mixed mushrooms) (108 RMB) – This came recommended on the menu and the galette was served crispy, yay! However it was incredibly rich (there was a lot of topping) that I had a bit of trouble finishing it. The scallops were very plump and well seared.

La Bigoudene (ham, emmenthal cheese, sunny side egg, salad + choice of 1 vege)  (62 RMB) – The husband chose spinach for the veggie (out of mushroom, tomato, spinach, onion, potato). I actually liked this more as I’m always a sucker for a runny sunny side egg to spread on my galette. This felt like a wholesome meal with the veggies and the ham and emmenthal were very delicious! Like the previous galette, this was also served cripsy.

La Defi (homemade caramel ice cream, cooked banana, salted caramel) (60 RMB) This is sorta “the dessert” to order at La Creperie, and it was voted top 10 desserts in Shanghai by Cityweekend. Not that I needed an accolade to influence my choice since the word caramel appeared twice. You can never go wrong caramel and banana on a crepe and I appreciated that the ice cream was home made and in caramel flavour (instead of the boring vanilla). Loved the caramelised banana though I wished there was MUCH MORE of it. Very generous with the salted caramel topping though :) Pretty delicious!

La Barometre (Stewed apple, salted caramel) (48 RMB) – My next favourite dessert pairing after banana and caramel would be apple and er, caramel so this was a natural second choice…also good but much lighter and less sweet. There was also another variation with caramelised apple instead. If you only had one choice for dessert, get La Defi though :)

For a proper meal you would probably need to order a savoury and a sweet crepe, unless you’re a small eater. The galettes are very thin by themselves. Though it wasn’t as amazing as the crepes I had in Brittany (naturally!), I did enjoy the crepes at La Creperie and it’s probably one of the best places to get authentic Breton crepes in Asia. I love my crepes so was very pleased with this find.

Location: 1 Taojiang Lu (near Dongping Lu)
Price: $-$$

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