Jeju Island: O’Sulloc Tea Museum

2 Nov

As part of our Jeju Island day tour, we visited the O’Sulloc Tea Museum. You may be familiar with the name if you have heard of the O’Sulloc Tea House in Seoul. All the green tea used in the drinks and desserts from O’Sulloc’s tea houses would have came from this very green tea plantation.

They also have a gorgeous cafe and souvenir shop as part of the museum where we had the chance to try more green tea and green tea desserts. It’s an ideal location if you’re looking for a teahouse or cafe to relax in while you’re in Jeju Island.

This was my breakfast, the Green Tea Soft Serve. Mmm, I seldom eat soft serves because of its convenience store image but this artisan version rekindled my faith in them.

We also bought a Green Tea Swiss Roll for afternoon tea – this version came with a very generous serving of airy vanilla cream, as you can see. I can never resist a green tea swiss roll, but I would have personally preferred it with more cake and less cream. It also reminded me of the Matcha Roll from Arinco, in Kyoto, Japan.

Price: $ | Location: Andeok-myeon Seogwangseo-ri 1235-3, Seogwipo-si, Jeju Island | Website:

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