Seoul: Bongchu Jjimdak

30 Oct

My Korean friend brought us to Bongchu Jjimdak, a rather upscale jjimdak (braised chicken with vegetables stew) restaurant at Apgujeong for an early lunch on a weekend. Jjimdak originated from the Andong province in Korea was a very popular food trend in Seoul a few years ago (one of the many food trends in Korea, it seems). Many celebrities actually frequent this particular restaurant but we were too early to spot any.

If you are wondering, these are what Jjimdak dreams are made of: sweet soy sauce, chicken, spicy peppers, mushrooms, carrots, other vegetables, and dangmyeon (starch noodles). The flavours actually tasted very familiar and Chinese. The hubs and I both enjoyed the bold yet homecooked flavours. The sauce was so moreish that we even mopped it up with rice despite the noodles in the dish.

Dongchimi (water-based radish kimchi) instead of the normal kimchi was served and apparently you’re supposed to drink the water too, which is very “cooling”.

We probably won’t have been introduced to this dish if not for my friend’s recommendation as there are simply too many different things to eat in Seoul. Furthermore a lot of restaurants only specialise in one dish, just like in Japan. But we’re glad we did and we missed it so much that I’ve actually successfully recreated it at home – watch out for the recipe in an upcoming post!

Price: $ (20,000 ~ 34,000 won for 3~4 people)
Location: 2F, 663-7 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Apgujeong Stn. (Line 3, Exit 2) 15min walk.

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