Seoul: Two Two Chicken

27 Oct

This was a recommendation by my girlfriend who spent some time living in Seoul. Two Two Chicken is supposedly the original and best Korean fried chicken chain, so I knew I had to hunt it down as the hubs and I both love fried chicken with a vengeance. Luckily, we found a huge branch in Myeongdong on our way to see the N Tower.

The menu was basically a permutation and combination of fried chicken i.e. fried chicken, fried chicken with sweet garlic soy sauce, half and half, chicken tenders (if you’re feeling lazy), and a few local sides etc. We couldn’t decide between original or the one with sauce so the waiter suggested the half original and half with sweet garlic soy sauce which feeds 2 pax.

The garlic soy sauce was actually quite piquant (imagine a sweet, salty, garlicky, tangy, sticky sauce) and the chicken skin still crispy despite being drenched in sauce  – a testament to their deep frying skills.

But the unadulterated original fried chicken was seriously the best fried chicken I ever had. It was well marinated, had crackling-crispy skin on the outside, juicy meat on the inside, and even the breast meat wasn’t tough and dry which almost never happens anywhere. Amazingly, it also wasn’t oily and the different chicken parts were all equally cooked, which means they probably fry different parts at different durations so as not to overcook them. We pined for the original chicken so much that we came back on the last night of our trip just for it.

Instead of kimchi, they serve pickled daikons which also helps in cutting through the grease. The side of shredded lettuce drizzled with mayo and tomato sauce was also simple but strangely addictive.

And of there’s also local Cass beer, which is a very light beer, to round up the great meal.

Being a food nerd, I did some research on what is Korean fried chicken. It is usually double fried and prepared in a way the removes the fat from the skin, resulting in a “thin, crackly and almost transparent” crust as described by The New York Times here. And interestingly, it is only seasoned in spices after being fried. Definitely a must try when you’re in Korea!

Loves: Original fried chicken and the pickled daikon
Price: $ (26,000W for 2 pax with beer)
Location: Locate the CGV cinema at Myeongdong metro, cross the main street and look out for a Pacific Hotel. The restaurant is prominent and just next to it.

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