Seoul: Meal Top

27 Oct

Located on top floor of the Hyundai Department Store in the exclusive Apgujeong area is Meal Top, a popular old school patbingsu (Korean shaved ice) place where I presume the taitais of Seoul gather to gossip and rest their feet after a day of shopping at the luxury boutiques below. According to my Korean friend, it serves the best patbingsu in Seoul. We were lucky to arrive on a weekday afternoon and the café wasn’t full. Be prepared to wait in line during peak hours though.

We ordered the green tea patbingsu which was basically shaved iced, sweetened and mushy red beans, green tea, milk, and a few pieces of tteok (rice cakes). The original flavour is sans green tea. Meal Top doesn’t serve its patbingsu with fancy toppings, unlike many other patbingsu places.

I read that you are supposed to mix everything together before you eat. I liked how the shaved ice was powder soft, unlike the coarseness of other ice-based desserts. The red bean, mik and green tea were also a great mix that wasn’t too sweet, and were all natural flavours, unlike ice kacang. I also liked how the tteoks contrasted against the flavour and texture of the slushie.

I would definitely come back here when I’m back in Seoul. It must taste extra yummy on a summer’s day!

Price: $ (7,000W for one bowl)
Location: 5th floor of the Hyundai Department Store, just next to Apgujeong metro. Seoul-si Gangnam-gu Apgujeong-dong 429.

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