Seoul: Hotteok in Insadong

27 Oct

A general philosophy in my life, which was reinforced during my Seoul trip is that when there’s a queue for food, join it. We spotted one along the main road of Insadong.

I later learnt that we were queuing up for hotteok (sugar caramel pancake). The ajummas and ajeosshis of the shop formed an efficient system of dough kneading, piping of filling, deep-frying and money collecting, each of them concentrating on one singular task. 

I loved watching my hotteok made right in front of me, and after that the ajeosshi hands me my piece with 3 layers of small cardboard pieces as it’s fresh out of the fryer.

This was hands down, my ultimate favourite snack experience in Seoul. After biting into the pastry, I was pleasantly rewarded by a piping hot gush of glorious caramel syrup mixed with chopped peanuts, which was so damn delicious. Now I knew why the locals had ordered a few pieces per person. Give me this over french macarons anytime.

Everyone stood around the shop enjoying their hotteoks. This must make for an awesome dessert in winter.

Price: $ (1,000W for one)
Location: Walk down main alley of Insadong till you see a queue, people sitting around a tree eating and the signage in the first picture. There are many hotteok street stalls in Insadong, but only this one had a queue. It’s not really a mobile street stall but a proper shop.

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