Seoul: Mister Donut’s Pon De Ring

26 Oct

I had to try Mister Donut’s “Pon De Ring” (I can’t help wondering if it’s inspired by Riri’s Pon De Replay) doughnut after reading SeriousEats’ rave about it. I loved the idea of an “Asianised” doughnut since it’s made out of tapioca flour, instead of the usual cake doughnut or yeast doughnut.

There were many flavours in that line including green tea, strawberries and cream, banana sugar etc. vying for my attention, but I only had stomach space for one in the grand scheme of things and went for the original. It was very chewy and actually tasted like a cross between tapioca pearls in bubble tea and a yeast doughnut. Pretty cool.

And yes that corresponding cute Pon De Lion mascot certainly doesn’t hurt. I have a friend who actually ate 50 Mister Donut’s doughnuts on a single trip to Seoul just so that he could get the plush toy. This is why companies should bother inventing a cute mascot for the Asian market.

We also tried a normal Cinnamon doughnut but it was nothing to sing home about.
Price: $ (if I’m not wrong, 1,300W)
Location: Many outlets in Seoul, we went to the outlet near Chungmuro metro (along the main road).

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