Seoul: Krispy Kreme

26 Oct

Coming from Singapore, Krispy Kreme – the mother of all doughnuts – are a must eat at any travel destination that has them as we are deprived of them back home. So naturally, we flocked to the huge branch in Myeongdong to get our fix.

I just can’t resist a KK original glazed doughnut, with its fluffy and light as air texture, and sweet yet addictive icing. I could probably eat half a dozen at one go before even feeling disgusted with myself. For the first time, I actually tried something else other than the original glazed i.e. the original chocolate glazed only because they were having a “chocolate carnival” and I am a sucker for marketing, and was surprised that it wasn’t as sweet as I expected. Guess they didn’t stinge on the quality of chocolate. I also heard that the NY cheesecake one is good, but I didn’t try.

What would have been icing on the cake doughnut was if they were served piping hot, fresh out of the oven, instead they were a bit cold. We regretted buying a small box to bring home as we polished them off even before we er, boarded the flight. Till next time!
Price: $ (1,100W for each)
Location: Many outlets in Seoul, most convenient one would probably be in Myeongdong.

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