Seoul: Insadong Chatjip

19 Oct

If you’re in Seoul, definitely check out a traditional tea house in Insadong, an area known for culture, handicrafts, antiques and food! Hence, Insadong Chatjip was a random choice along the main road of Insadong (on your right if you’re walking from the entrance). Pictures of Bae Yong Jun greeted me on the wall, as one of his dramas was filmed at this teahouse.

Since it was near closing time, it wasn’t too packed and we could chill leisurely over our cups of tea. It was very dim and had a sleepy vibe – I almost fell asleep!

The teahouse was in a traditional hanok setting, complete with wooden benches and tables made out of logs. If I were to describe it, it was as if cavemen went kawaii. Too cute! There was also a courtyard area that would be lovely in the day.

Prior to this trip to the teahouse, I’ve managed to try quite a few of the Korean teas so this time I chose the more exotic ones like Daechu Tea (dried jujube tea) and Persimmon Leaf Tea (7,000W each). The dried jujube flavour was very pronounced so it was rather sweet and it reminded of the longan and red date tea we drank on our wedding day for tea ceremony. Teehee! It made for quite a nice dessert drink. The persimmon leaf tea on the other hand, was rather tasteless, especially when drank together with the jujube tea. I had expected it to at least have a hint of the uber delicious and sweet Korean persimmons but it didn’t have any, so that was quite a disappoint. Out of all the Korean teas I’ve tried so far, I think citron, quince and roasted barley are still my favourite.

I thoroughly enjoyed just chilling out in a traditional teahouse, instead of a boisterous bar or a really crowded cafe. It felt so serene and…healthy! Haha. Do make a stop at a traditional Korean teahouse when you’re in Seoul!

Price: $ | Location: Seoul-si Jongno-gu Gwanhun-dong 196-5 1F

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