Beijing: Ghost Street 簋街

2 Aug

We heard that one of the best places to eat in Beijing is Gui Jie 簋街 (Ghost Street) in the Dongcheng district. It’s a stretch of over 100 restaurants spanning 1.4km on Dongzhimennei Street and serving every imaginable thing that you may feel like eating – hotpot, Peking duck, Sichuan food, boiled lamb, rou chuan, etc! Some outlets are even 24 hours, perfect for that one night in Beijing ;) That particular day we felt like having Kao Yu 烤鱼 (grilled fish) and went to this particular shop at the beginning of Gui Jie which was full of locals even before 6pm.

After placing our orders, the waitress brought out our freshly caught catfish for inspection. It was quite a big fish for the 2 of us!

We started with a refreshing Silken Tofu and Century Egg for a cold appetiser. The “wetter” (fresher) the century egg, the more delicious it is!

We couldn’t resist some Yang Rou Chuan 羊肉串 (lamb skewers) to nibble on. If you haven’t tried this Xinjiang dish before you should definitely do so on your trip to China! The spices make them very addictive.

And now on to the star of the meal – Kao Yu 烤鱼. The catfish was visibly grilled beforehand and then bathed in chilli oil, chilis, spring onions and served with assorted vegetables on a tray with a burner underneath to keep warm. It had a smoky crispy skin but the flesh inside was still moist and tender – delicious! You could specify your type of marinade and level of spiciness so we went for slightly spicy 微辣 which was frankly still quite spicy for me. It comes with a serving of vegetables but you could add in more if you want – we chose beansprouts and bamboo shoots and they were delicious after being soaked in the chilli oil.

Complimentary carton of Wild Jujube Juice from the restaurant which tasted quite nice actually, somewhat like the jujube and date tea you’d get in Korea.

Post dinner, we roamed down Gui Jie guided by the rows of lanterns which added to its bustling, mysterious atmosphere. And yes, this particular outlet was very crowded as you can see! Tonnes of people sat by the road, chewing on seeds while waiting for their number to be called.

I later read online that the best Kao Yu in Gui Jie is at a place called Du Men Chong, but if you can’t find it what I had was really good too. Or just look out for a place with mad queues like the picture above and you should be fine :)

Price: $-$$ | Location: Dongzhimennei Main Street, Dongcheng District

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