Beijing: Ichikura

2 Aug

The husband’s colleague brought us to Ichikura – a dimly lit Japanese whiskey and cocktail bar located in a very hidden part of Sanlitun. I also was reminded of the bars I went to in Shinjuku, Tokyo, and there were quite a few Japanese expats so it’s probably as authentic as it gets in Beijing. They have a good selection of single-malt whiskeys and bourbons and also do customisable fruit cocktails using whatever fruits are in season. It’s a destination place that won’t survive on walk in traffic, so the fact that it was full on an early Friday night when we were there says something. Anyway, we got were lucky and snagged the last private room.

Unfortunately, I don’t have other photos as my phone and camera both died, but I ordered the Old Fashioned, Mint Julep and Passion Fruit Mojito, and we all tried each others’ drinks. Other than the Old Fashioned which was a too strong for me (probably just nice for the hardcore whiskey crowd), the rest of the cocktails were all pretty good. Oh, and they also hand chip their own spherical ice cubes for their whiskey drinks. Definitely check this place out if you’re looking for a Japanese-style bar or a whiskey bar in Beijing.

Price: $-$$ | Location: 36 Dong Sanhuan Bei Lu. Go to the right side of the Chaoyang Theater and climb up the stairs.

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