Beijing: Hatsune

1 Aug

This was our first meal off the plane in Beijing and we gravitated towards Japanese food since we currently live a city with limited Japanese offerings. We had a good experience at Haiku by Hatsune in Shanghai so we ended up at Hatsune its sister restaurant, which is pretty much the same concept – a Californian-style Japanese restaurant with a huge variety of to die for sushi rolls. Since it was lunchtime they also had many affordable bento set lunches. It was almost full even though it was nearing the end of lunch time so I would think reservations are advised.

We were served an refreshing appetiser of Konnyaku salad.

My sashimi bento served with tempura, salad, miso soup plus washed down with Asahi Dry. Having a glass of ice cold crisp beer for lunch rocks :) The sashimi was actually quite fresh and loved the salad with its zesty yoghurt-ish dressing too.

The husband’s teppanyaki beef and salmon bento with tempura and salad. The beef cubes were delicious and a huge portion!

We wanted to order some of their awesome sushi rolls which we had tried in Haiku but we were so full we couldn’t stuff ourselves anymore. Check out the 9999 RMB heirsun roll on the menu for the nouveau riche. ;)

Wished we had something like this in Singapore and Wuhan – a casual Japanese place that has quality, quantity at affordable prices, and delicious fusion sushi rolls to boot. A good place for Japanese food if you’re craving for it in Beijing.

Price: $-$$ | Location: 2\F, Heqiao Building, Bldg C, A8 Guanghua Donglu (another branch in Sanlitun)

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