London: Assa

21 Jul

I was scheduled to eat at Launceston Place, a seemingly underrated modern British restaurant that has received good reviews on Chowhound. But alas, all many days of stuffing myself and countless rich meals, my stomach felt extremely unwell and I had to cancel my reservation. I was upset but no point splurging on something that I won’t be able to fully enjoy. I was searching for a replacement place to eat a light Asian meal when I saw some of my Facebook friends talking about ASSA, a no frills authentic Korean place in Soho that seemed to be patronised by many Koreans (spotted many students). How timely.

There isn’t any service or ambiance and the smell from the open kitchen filled the dining room, but prices are extremely reasonable for London. This was the BBQ beef. I thought it was going to be a DIY BBQ set, but it arrived on a table already cooked. Nevertheless, it was delicious and had the lovely flavour of sesame oil.

The kimchi seafood pancake was also very crispy and had the flavour spot it. It was also much lighter (less floury) compared to the ones I’ve had in Singapore.

The spicy seafood stew was served on a stove in a big and flat cast iron pan, and was filled with a generous amount of seafood, including crab and prawns. So good when spooned over rice, and enjoyed on a rainy evening!

While I definitely felt a little sad I couldn’t tick Launceston Place off my list, ASSA wasn’t a bad alternative and certainly hit the right spots when I was craving for something homely and Asian in London.

Price: $$
Location: 53 St Giles High Street, Soho, London WC2H 8LH

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