London: New Mayflower

19 Jul

Since we grabbed a really quick dinner before our musical, supper was on the cards. We were in the Chinatown area so we turned to New Mayflower for some comfort Cantonese food. Frankly, the days of binge eating on the trip were getting to me and I didn’t mind getting something simple that would fill me up and soothe my weary tummy too. I was pleasantly surprised that my Century Egg and Sliced Pork Congee was so delicious. The meat was so melt in your mouth (probably pork shoulder) and it was honestly one of the best versions I’ve ever had – and I’m not even in Asia.

I don’t have pictures but the Sliced Beef Horfun and the Wanton Soup were good too. Now I know why my friends who studied in London loved New Mayflower. It’s just authentic and comfort Cantonese cooking without the whistles and the bells, and at really affordable prices too.

Price: $
Location: 68 Shaftesbury Ave, London, W1D 6LY

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