London: The Providores & Tapa Room

16 Jul

The day I had brunch at the Providores & Tapa Room was a glorious day. While I was researching for my trip, I read that it does fusion cuisine and is also very popular for brunch. And yes, if you’re wondering it’s actually “Tapa”, not Tapas as according to its website, the restaurant is named after the Pacific Rarotongan Tapa cloth that hangs on the wall, which you see in the picture below. But just to clarify, they also serve small dishes on their all day menu.

We didn’t make reservations and came at 2pm, but as expected there was still a queue. We waited for about 20 mins and got seated in the Tapa Room on the ground floor at the bar tables. The place has a busy, casual vibe. Sorry that you had to see my flat hair, but I wanted to show you the cool bar counter and display behind me.

To start we ordered the Tamarillo and Kiwifruit Smoothie (£5.50) and Hot Chocolate (£2.90). Tamarillo is actually an Andean fruit also known as a tree tomato. Together with the kiwifruit, it was really sour and tangy. Interesting!

Though we were a party of 2 ladies, we ordered 3 mains – our waitress had to confirm with us if we were sure about that :) From top right, they were Two soft-boiled eggs with vegemite soldiers (£5.80), Turkish eggs from changa in Istanbul – two poached eggs with whipped yoghurt and hot chilli butter with sourdough (£8.90), French toast stuffed with banana and pecans with grilled smoked streaky bacon and vanilla verjus syrup (£8.80). Seriously…everything WAS SO GOOD.

I really loved the Turkish eggs even though I don’t normally eat yoghurt and I’ve not tried something like this before. Together, the poached eggs with the chilli butter and whipped yoghurt just made such an insane combination I was just eating it out of the bowl with a spoon instead of slathering it on the bread. Slightly spicy, cheesy (the yoghurt), runny eggs…uber yums!

I first tried vegemite soldiers with soft boiled eggs in The Plain, an Australian cafe in Singapore and I loved it, especially the fact that you had to dip your soldiers in the runny eggs. I guess I love playing with my food while eating ;) The eggs given were actually hard boiled so we alerted our waitress who was apologetic and replaced them for us. The soldiers were on the other hand, really light and crispy and generously buttered with vegemite which is not for everyone but so addictive if you ask me. It’s the ultimate comfort brunch dish for me. I did wish the soldiers here were thinner as I couldn’t exactly dip them properly into the eggs.

The french toast was my friend’s favourite, and I could definitely see why – a french toast with bacon, vanilla, banana and pecan nuts is seriously the champion of french toasts. I liked how they stuffed the toast with the bananas and pecans instead of just using them as toppings, and opted for a vanilla verjus instead of the usual maple. And the bananas were so deliciously caramelised I’m salivating as I type this!

It was definitely the best brunch I’ve ever had. I wished we had a brunch place of this standard in Singapore, that also features a diverse range of brunch dishes ranging from the traditional to Turkish and Australian. And prices were very reasonable too, if you ask me.

Price: $$
Location: 109 Marylebone High Street, between Vincent Street and Moxon Street

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