Hong Kong: Kau Kee Restaurant 九記牛腩

10 Jun

When I asked a friend who had worked in Hong Kong for food recommendations, he only told me about Kau Kee, a beef noodle restaurant near the Central area. So I guess that only means that it is something special. We came here for an afternoon snack so we didn’t have to queue, so I would advise coming at an off peak timing. There are only a few options to consider when you order – type of beef, type of noodle and dry/soup/curry soup.

We ordered a Dry Beef Brisket with Flat Yellow Noodles that came with a bowl of soup on the side. I’m not usually a fan of dry noodles when I can get soup options, but I think the husband liked it. The texture of the yellow noodles were very good.

This was the Beef Brisket with Flat Rice Noodles in Clear Soup. The soup was immensely flavourful and rich and the brisket very tender. The rice noodles here are very thin and I really like the taste of it since it’s not starchy and soaks up the flavour of the soup very well. Delicious!

The Sliced Beef with Flat Rice Noodles in Clear Soup was the almost the same as above, except that it had beef slices instead of brisket. Definitely not as tender as the brisket – it was a little chewy – but lower in fat content.

We also couldn’t resist not trying one in the curry soup, so this was the Beef Tendon with Flat Yellow Noodles in Curry Soup. The soup was quite thick and had quite an intense curry flavour, but wasn’t spicy like Indian curries. Very interesting! Like the beef brisket, the tendon was also well tender and surprisingly had quite a bit of lean meat too.

Were the noodles delicious? Most definitely. I washed it down with some Ice Lemon Tea and was a very happy camper. I also quite like the chilli sauce here though it’s not necessary since the soup is already so flavourful. The portions here are very small so you might need more than a bowl each for a proper meal (especially for guys). Please note that there is no ambience or service to speak off – we got squeezed into a corner and had to share a table with other people (realised it’s quite common in Hong Kong) and they didn’t give us time to think of what to order (also quite common).

Price: $
Location: 21 Gough Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island

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