Hong Kong: Australia Dairy Company

8 Jun

Australia Dairy Company is extremely popular on Hong Kong’s OpenRice, and many rave about its scrambled eggs and various egg dishes. I love my scrambled eggs and I know it’s tough to make really good ones (mine always turn out dry-ish), so I was definitely eggcited (pun intended) that we were heading down for breakfast :)

It was packed to the brim on a weekday morning! The tables were very close to each other and we were given a little booth where there was barely enough butt space ;) The very second we placed our order, we had a flurry of plates descending onto our table. No kidding, the wait staff are -that- efficient.

While the Macaroni & Ham Soup, Peanut Butter Toast and Butter Toasts were nothing to shout about, the Scrambled Eggs were seriously dreamy! They were so fluffy and creamy that all the scrambled eggs I’ve had before that pale in comparison.

The husband wanted to have a Club Sandwich; and while I initially felt he was being silly for ordering the club sandwich here (yes I’m afraid I’m a bit of a food tyrant!), it actually turned out to be very good since they were stuffed with the same yummy scrambled eggs! As if the combination of egg, ham and cheese wasn’t glorious enough, the pickles and chopped tomatoes made it very zingy and more-ish. I was floored.

I don’t drink milk (I’m a little lactose intolerant) but I couldn’t resist ordering a Steamed Milk Pudding since the milk/milk dishes must be good here, considering that the word “milk” is present in its name! Served piping hot, it was lusciously smooth and had a rich milk taste.

If this wasn’t breakfast for champions, I don’t know what is. I would skip to Jordan in a heartbeat for the scrambled eggs!

Price: $

Location: G/F, 47-49 Parkes Street, Jordan

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